Announcements for the Week of June 10th

A K5 Teacher Has Been Found!
Ms. Patty Carman has been identified as our new, up-and-coming K5 teacher for next year’s school year. She’s expected to arrive towards the end of July. Please feel free to email her to introduce yourself and let her know that we’re excited to have her as our new teacher!

Faith Bible Institute

Fall ’07 applications are located at the back table. Deadline for standard tuition for new and current students is July 14th. Please turn applications in to bro. Mike Castro.

Ladies’ Bible Study
The ladies will be meeting for a time of Bible study and fellowship on June 15th at 7:00 PM upstairs. A sign up sheet is located on the back table. Please see sis. Linda for more info.

FBC School
– FBCS is currently enrolling students from grades K5-10th for school year 2007-2008. Seating is limited.
– Diagnostic testing will be on June 25th-27th at 9:00 AM.

Church Building Projects
Interested in serving the Lord? FBC has various projects available: Balcony Projects – Ed Collado, K5 Classroom – Frank Guerrero, Air Conditioners – Orlando Domondon. Please see the listed individuals if you would like to help in any of the projects.

FBC Directory
The directory is currently being updated! Please have your pictures taken by June 24th by bro. Cutright. Please see sis. Jackie for changes to your section of the directory.

Upcoming Events
– VBS at Grace Baptist Church in Baragada from the 11th to 16th.
– Shepherding Ministries Summer Camp – June 18th-22nd and June 25th-29th.
– FBC will be having a guest speaker on July 4th and July 8th.
– Harvest summer camp – July 16th (Jr. High) and July 23rd (Sr. High)
***If you need financial assistance in order to send your children to any of the camps, please see Pastor Jay or sis. Myrna.***


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