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A Message from Pastor Jay and Sis. Linda

January 20, 2008

Breaking Bread with the Whites in Pace, Florida

Hello Family!

Just had dinner with the Whites….they look great, and the house is just wonderful! The girls only changed in that they are bundled up to keep warm in tonight’s 36 degree weather! Abraham of course, has grown, very smiley now! I had some sort of a freaky allergic reaction and had to leave the restaurant rather suddenly. I am trying some nutrient supplements and something may have not worked with me. I turned beet red, got hot and itchy, and had a real tightness in my chest that made it hard to breathe. I never have experienced any thing like it.

We enjoyed several nights of revival meeting in the church we were in many years ago (also a supporting church). Jay and I look forward to traveling and listening to the preaching tapes we received.

I know many of you are still fighting illness…I had word of Mara and Makayla, among others. Please know you are in our prayers.

We are excited about the baptisms that we understand were to take place today. God is soooooo good and I am so thankful. I pray for the growth and joy for each one of you young babes in Christ. You are a joy and delight to Pastor and I. Be sure you just pick Br. Mac’s brain, get all that good teaching and glean much while you can! Be faithful and enjoy God’s Word…there is just no better thing!

FBCS kids and all the Family children and teens…I love and miss all of you. I pray daily for you, that you would fall deeper in love with your Saviour and seek to please Him in all you do. If you have email ability, I would really love to hear from each one of you. Be sure you love and give thanks for your teachers.,.,God has given them to you and holds you responsible to respect and honor them, as you would all authority in your life. They love you, and watch for your souls!

Ladies…I send you hugs and words of encouragement. Take care of one another… I miss you dearly. Ask Br. Mac to cook something German for back to back…he is a great cook!

Thank you for keeping us updated…makes us feel not so far away!

Frances….praying for your phys. needs after your accident. we are excited for Marnica and trust she is preparing heart and home for the sweet union of marriage. We love you and your family, and look forward to the time when our families are together again.

Until the next Aarseth update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love to all,
Pastor and Sis. Linda


Praise the Lord for Our Recent Baptisms

January 20, 2008