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FBC Campout 2008

April 19, 2008

We had our annual campout at Sirena Beach (AAFB) on March 21st & 22nd. Thank you to the Hoods who coordinated and reserved the camp site for us this year. This is an event that young and old alike look forward to every year.  We fellowship around food, games, sports, cooking, and so many other activities. Here are just some snapshots of what took place. If you were there, this will bring back some fond memories and if you weren’t, here is what you missed!

Here is a view of our campsite from the top of the mountain. The white spot is our campsite. Ok, here we go  down the steep road to the beach. You are on the right track if you see the “Sirena Beach” sign. You must drive carefully because wild boar, deer, and monitor lizards run free around here. But don’t worry…just zip your tent up tight, keep the food out of your tent and you should be fine. Wait a minute…are we at the right place? What is that carnival jumper doing here? Ohhh…someone had a brilliant idea to keep the little, excited kiddies all in one place. The tent village is going up.

Well look who came to camp. The Guerreros were real troopers. Even after coming back from a business trip they still made it to camp!

So, what did we do at the camp out?  Biking, eating, volleyball, eating, chess, darts, eating, swimming, sitting around chatting, barbecuing, eating, catching crabs, hiking, cooking, praying…eating…and some sleeping.

Beautiful, peaceful, serene, and scenic Sirena Beach. We were blessed with God’s wondrous creation! Enjoy the sunset or was that a sunrise? It was amazing nonetheless…plus we were treated to a full moon that evening too!

Here are the Master Club kids with their leaders. They went on a hike, put up a tent, learned to burn things, I mean start a fire, and roasted marshmallows.

Lots of yummy food! Sis. Elsa gave the ladies a lesson in pancit making. Alright, who is barbecuing the snake, oops, fish??!!

We ate some more…some tried to eat but the sleepy bug cameover them. Sis. Jeannine made peach pie, camp style!

Other creatures made it to camp too! It looks like Thomas found the deer that got away from Bro. Mark Ishmael a couple years ago. Bro. Jon is that you in there?!?!

At the end of the day we had to go to bed…even if we didn’t want to…

…otherwise the sleepy bug will get you!

We were happy to see more of FBC come the next morning. The kids were sure happy to see the lifeguard too.

After two days of fun, barely enough sleep, too much to eat, and sunburn it was time to pack up and leave.

Until next year.


Goodbye McDermotts

April 12, 2008


Bro. Jon De Rusha wishes Bro. Matt and Sis. Mara the best as they leave Guam to their new duty station. We’ll miss you!

Family Baptist Church School

April 11, 2008

Students from our middle and high school singing a special.

The First grade children singing joyfully to the Lord!

Missions Trip Bake Sale

April 11, 2008

Some of the goodies sold at the last Mission’s Trip to Thailand Bake Sale. All proceeds will go towards this trip which is scheduled for next summer. Thanks everyone for your support. 

Wow! You think if we sold some coffee and other beverages we can open our own FBC Bake Shop?


The Bake Sale Team


Race Day!

April 11, 2008

Chris with his “Master Club” logo design.

A picture before race time.

Ready, set, go!


Racers ready for pizza!

Meet our winners.

Awards Ceremony

Regatta Results

April 11, 2008

The rain did not dampen the kids’ spirits on race day. They all came out with their boats designed with speed and to have fun. The kids were also treated to pizza and other yummy goodies after a long and competitive race. Casey Santos, Elias Guerrero, and Chloe Santos all won their races in their division. The boats were also judged on their creative art work and the winners were given certificates and Cold Stone coupons during the awards ceremony. Thank you to everyone involved who made this year’s regatta a great time for our kids.


April 11, 2008

Hafa Adai everyone, King Darius here. We apologize for the blog being at a stand still for awhile. You won’t believe how busy we’ve been! The Master Club Regatta has come and gone and despite all the rain we had a good turn out. We’ll get you those results this week. The camp at Sirena Beach was awesome. A coconut crab walked into the camp Friday night and that was that for him. He was scooped up and put in the refrigerator. After awhile someone saw him taking a walk in the refrigerator! Poor thing had to have his claws taped. Unlike most years, it was mighty nippy during the night and I heard some people had to take cover because they were frrreeezing…brrr. Bro. Besar kept the Master Club kids busy doing different things like learning how to build a fire, taking an early morning hike, and roasting marshmallows. Oh, and the next Puppet Show about Joseph is coming up at the end of April. I won’t be in it but invite your friends and family anyway!