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Missions Conference 2008

October 13, 2008

Dr. Gene Burge

Bro. Harry Rasquinha

These missionaries will be sharing their ministries and preaching for us this week.

India and Lois Rasquinha will also bless us with special music throughout the week.


Ladies Tea

October 13, 2008

What is your legacy? What do others know about you that is glorifying our Lord? This is the message Mrs. Rasquinha had for the ladies yesterday.

Mrs. Burge used Psalm 37 to share what we should be doing instead of fretting about things.

The FBCS was transformed into a beautiful tea party.

The beautiful tables were laden with scrumptious tea party food!

Lois and India Rasquinha blessed us with special music.

Prizes were given out for different categories of teacups:

Georgia Cutright-Best Tea Cup Story (Ask her to tell you the story, you just have to hear it from her!)

Joy Kelley-Most Unusual Teacup-Mustache teacup, thought to be an egg yolk and whites separator at first! So what is a mustache teacup? There is sort of like a bridge built into the side of the top part of the cup to help prevent the mustache from getting wet while drinking.

Myrna Dejesa-Oldest Teacup (47 years old)

Stephanie McCully-Most Chipped Teacup

Look who was at the party.

Missionaries Arrive

October 13, 2008

Dr. and Mrs. Gene Burge, president of Baptist Missions to Forgotten People and Harry, Cindyann, Lois, and India Rasquinha Missionaries to Mangalore, India, arrived safely last week.

Stop, Go, Look

October 13, 2008

FBCS 1st and 2nd graders sing a special. Here are some of the words to the song.

Stop! And let me tell you what the Lord has done for me!
He forgave my sins and He saved my soul!
He cleansed my heart and He made me whole.

Go! And tell the story of the Christ of Calvary!
He’ll forgive their sins and He’ll save their souls!
He’ll cleanse their hearts and He’ll make them whole.

Look! The Lord is coming! Hallelujah! Praise His name! He is coming back, and I hope it’s soon. It may be morning or at noon. Look! The Lord is coming! Hallelujah! Praise His name!

Masters Club celebrates the upcoming Missions Conference

October 12, 2008

Masters Club leaders and kids dressed up in international attire to celebrate the upcoming Missions Conference 2008.

Here is our Master Club all-Asian First Family (Leaders of Master Club)

We had Chamorros, better known as “da local boys”, very distingushed Filipinos in their Barong Tagalog, a beautifully dressed Japanese girl, Chinese women, a little cute Scottish girl, Islanders from all over the Pacific, an Arabian and the All-American Cowboy. (click on the pictures to enlarge)

Bus Kids

October 12, 2008

We have sometimes three buses going out to pick up and bring kids to church. Thank you Bro. Mike and Sis. Kathy Castro for taking care of this ministry. Thank you also to Bro. Andy, Bro. Jeff, and Sis. Roslynne for their help in driving the other vans to pick kids up in other areas. And we can’t forget those who made donations to our bus ministry which was used to purchase two more vans recently. Thank you!


Set the Record Straight Sunday!

October 12, 2008

Our last Sunday in September was “Set the Record Straight Sunday”. We had 199 in attendance. Many were first time visitors and several made professions of salvation. Pastor Jay, Bro. Kelley, and Bro. Besar preached that day… and in true Family Baptist Church fashion, after the service, we had another feast!